License Terms

License Agreement:

□For Right Managed (RM) : Visual contents: unless otherwise specified, the usage(s) of the image(s) are limited to non-exclusive one-time use in the specific territory and any stuff containing the image(s) may be distributed for one year only.

□For Royalty Free (RF) Visual Contents:for non-exclusive use, without restrictions on the purpose, period or region of use.

□For Editorial Visual Contents:unless otherwise specified, the usage(s) must be limited to non-exclusive one-time use (e.g. use in one single periodical) in the specific territory a nd for editorial use only, (prohibiti ng any use distributed via broadcast/cable/OTT, on publicati on covers, and in print runs in excess of 500,000) as well as any “special restricti ons” (e.g., geographical or industry-specific usage restrictio ns) in dicated on the image detail page an d/or in eluded in the metadata attached to an item of Editorial Content. All Editorial contents does not cover Model, Property Released and Personality Rights, you must obtain the permit from rights' owners or third parties before use the content.

For Custom Standard & Enhanced License:

A STANDARD IMAGE LICENSE grants you the right to use Images:

■As a digital reproduction, including on websites, in online advertising, in social media, in mobile advertising, mobile "apps", software, e-cards, e-publications (e books, e-magazines, blogs, etc.), email marketing and in online media (including on video-sharing services such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc., subject to the budget limitations set forth in sub-section below);

■ Printed in physical form as part of product packaging and labeling, letterhead and business cards, point of sale advertising, CD and DVD cover art, or in the advertising and copy of tangible media, including magazines, newspapers, and books provided no Image is reproduced more than 500,000 times in the aggregate;

■As part of an ”Out of Home" advertising campaign, including on billboards, street fumiture, etc., provided the intended audienee for such campaign is less than 500,000 gross impressions.

■ Incorporated into film, video, television series, advertisement, or other audio-visual productions for distribution in any medium now known or hereafter devised, without regard to audienee size, provided the budget for any such production does not exceed USD $10,000;

■For your own pers on al, non-commercial use (not for resale, down load, distributio n, or any commercial use of any kind

AN ENHANCED IMAGE LICENSE grants you the right to use Images (which rights are in addition to above and exclusive to Enhanced Image Licenses):

■ In any manner permitted under a Standard Image License, without any limitation on the number of reproductions, impressions, or budget;

■ In any manner permitted under a Standard Image License, without any limitation on the number of reproductions, impressions, or budget;

■ In wall art (and without requiri ng further creative or functional eleme nts) for decorative purposes in a commercial space owned by you or your die nt, and not for sale.

■ Incorporated as elements of digital templates for sale or distribution.


A FOOTAGE USE LI CENSE grants you the right to use Footage:

■ in a multi-media production displayed or distributed via the web, on social media, using so-called "Apps", or as otherwise disseminated in accordanee herewith (see restrictions for distribution limitations), provided the audienee for such production does not exceed 500,000;

■ in connection with a live performanee, provided the audienee for all such performances does not exceed 500,000 people;

■ on websites.


Use Visual Content other than as expressly provided by the license you purchased with respect to such Visual Content.

Portray any pers on depicted in Visual Content (a "Model") in a way that a reason able pers on would find offen sive, in cludi ng but not limited to depicting a Model: a) in connection with pornography, "adult videos", adult entertainment venues, escort services, dating services, or the like; b) in connection with the advertisement or promoti on of tobacco products; c) in a political con text, such as the promotio n, advertiseme nt or en dorseme nt of any party, can didate, or elected official, or in connection with any political policy or viewpoint; d) as suffering from, or medicating for, a physical or mental ailment; or e) engaging in immoral or criminal activities.

Use any Visual Content in a porno graphic, defamatory, or deceptive con text, or in a manner that could be con sidered libelous, obscene, or illegal.

Modify Visual Content desig nated "Editorial Use Only" in a manner that cha nges the con text of what is depicted.

Use Visual Content desig nated "Editorial Use Only” (in cludi ng, but not limited to, Editorial con tent) for commercial purposes, in eluding for referen ce, in any advertisi ng, mercha ndise or other non-editorial con texts.

Resell, redistribute, provide access to, share or transfer any Visual Content except as specifically provided herein. For example and not by way of limitation, the foregoi ng prohibits displayi ng Content as, or as part of, a "gallery" of conten t through which third parties may search and select from such con tent.

Use Visual Content in a manner that infringes upon any third party's trademark or other intellectual property, or would give rise to a claim of deceptive advertising or unfair competition.

Use any Visual Content (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logo, or other indication of origin, or as part thereof.

For Visual Content such as paintin gs/statues/art works (Fine Art), they require other third-party rights. Please con tact third parties and related organizatio ns (museums, art galleries, associations) apply for the right to use. You have to take full legal responsibility by yourself. IfTPG suffers damages as a result, You shall be liable for compensation.

Falsely represe nt, expressly or by way of reas on able implicati on, that any Visual Content was created by you or a pers on other tha n the copyright holder(s) of that Visual Content.


Use any Footage in a multi-media production distributed via broadcast, cable network, OTT video service (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon), or in theaters.

Use "stills" derived from Footage except solely in conn ecti on with the in-con text marketi ng, promotio n, and advertisi ng of your derivative works incorporati ng Footage.

• The licensed image(s) shall not be used in any manner or in connection with any work(s) that could be considered obscene, defamatory, deceptive, libelous or otherwise illegal. The licensed image(s) shall not be used as a trademark, service mark, logo or other indication of origin, or as part thereof. The licensed image(s) shall not be provided to any third party for any purpose of usage, whether for free or with a charge.

• The only guara ntee from Top Photo Corp, is that TPG has the appropriate authority to gran t the lice nse and that the images do not in fringe any copyright. Top Photo Corp, does not represent nor guarantee the images* quality, authenticity (which means consistency with the dimensions, locations, scale, structure, brightness and color of the original images), artistry or fitness for any specific purpose including merchantability. The customer shall be solely responsible for judging the images' quality, authenticity, artistry or fitness for any specific purpose including merchantability and shall not make any claim against Top Photo Corp based on the above.

• If the Model Released / Property Released on the website does not indicate Yes, TPG does not cover those rights. Also all contents TPG represents does not cover the personality rights and you should obtain the owner's consent on his own. IF you infringe a third party accordingly and the buyer shall bear all legal responsibilities for those who have the right of portrait or other related rights

• Limitation on Liability. For each item of Visual Contents licensed hereunder, TPG's total maximum aggregate obligation and liability (the Timit of Liability^^) shall be NT$10,000 (New Taiwan Dollars)。

• The above and all licensing terms and conditions are subject to the Chinese version (繁體中文版)